Well–prepared for all sorts of tasks

The virtual server packages are built with the whole set of benefits and software tools you’ll need in order to operate your resource–hungry websites and applications from just a single location. Every virtual server package boasts a variety of Linux distributions, SSD space for storing, root server access privileges and weekly off–site file backups. You’ll get warranted CPU and memory allowances for quicker speeds. In addition, you are going to grab a freely available Control Panel as an exclusive bonus.

Virtual Server Control Panel

A one–stop formula for handling your virtual machine

Every single OpenVZ bundled VPS server comes prepared for you to use. At registration, you will have the option to choose your Linux distribution (Ubuntu, Debian or CentOS) and you will even obtain your personal copy of the SolusVM Panel or the Virtuozzo Power Panel. They are both highly effective interfaces, which make it easy to reboot your machine whenever you want and provide extensive resource use figures.

SSD disks

Raise your website’s functionality with our SSD–dependent Virtual Private Servers

Each of the Virtual Servers available from Xgen Hosting is provided with SSD drives as opposed to regular HDD drives. Getting solid–state drives on your virtual machine can be a wonderful asset for your website pages. SSD drives offer more effective reading/writing rates and also allow for faster data file admittance. This basically implies that every little thing on your web hosting server will get the job done a lot faster, including all your sites and applications.

A Choice of Control Panel solutions

Various site management interfaces to decide on

We provide you with several Control Panel solutions to select from at registration. You are able to pick from the widely used cPanel, the advanced DirectAdmin user interface and our in–house developed Xgen Hosting Control Panel, which is offered in around ten different languages and is totally free for you. On the sign–up page, just pick your favourite Control Panel from the user–friendly drop–down menu and we’ll handle the installation for you on your machine.

Operating System options

Select from Debian, CentOS and Ubuntu

We give you a selection of Linux OS’s for your VPS at sign–up. On the order page, you could choose between the following Linux OS choices – Debian, CentOS or Ubuntu. All you need to do is choose the operating system that you like and we’re going to handle the installation for your business.

A choice of data center locations

Choose a data center location in the US, the UK or Australia

The data center facility region is a key parameter for achieving high–speed website loading speeds. That’s why, we provide you with a range of Datacenter Facilities – so that you can have your sites and applications located as close to your targeted traffic as it can be. You can make a choice from a US data center in Chicago, a UK data center close to London and an AU data center in downtown Sydney. All of these options are on hand on the registration page where you can select your recommended Virtual Private Server installation.

100–percent–free add–ons

A 100% free domain name merchant license, a support and invoicing software package and a lot more

Your virtual server will come equipped with an Operating System of your choosing and with an abundance of free of cost extras, so you will be able to quite easily start and control your web presence. You’ll get a free of cost Control Panel, which is translated in over 10 languages, a gratis dedicated IP address and a range of cost–free instruments for your reseller hosting business – the ClientExec help and support & charging tool and a domain reseller account.